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Critically Evaluated AIS* Ethics Resources

* AIS is further defined in About Us.

We use the term AIS to mean any artificial intelligence-AI-based component, software and/or hardware (whether embedded or stand alone, artificial or autonomous).

Our standards, laws, and guides are all critically evaluated using the PRISMA method (adapted from the medical domain). See METHODS for more detail.

Standards, laws, experts, guides


are generally accepted set of criteria & requirements that establish models by which engineers and technologists can address ethical consideration throughout the AIS lifecycle. Most international standards are developed within a professional community (not necessarily a body authorized formally by any government) of volunteer experts through consensus building activities.


are people working directly or indirectly with the application of ethics & ethical frameworks to AIS. The experts included in this database will include those that fulfill a transparent and open competency based criteria.


are regulations and/or legislative acts describing a system of rules that regulate the design, implementation, deployment and application of AIS enforced by a social or governmental institution. Some of the jurisdictions for these regulations will be at the national level and others at a more local level depending on the country.


are documented statements with values or principles that are meant to guide the design, implementation, deployment, and application of AIS in society.

Qualified ethics resources that are better aligned to human ethical values will allow for an elevated level of trust between humans and technology.

Sketch on how to classify AI technologies… (Corea, 2019)

“If we are to retain a role as partners with our machines, we must continue to nurture the wellsprings of our creativity…This humanities-technology intersection helped to create the human-machine symbiosis that is at the core of the next phase of the digital revolution.”- Walter Isaacson 


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